Reynolds Welding & MFG, LLC

We are a small town business that strives to keep our customers happy.  If you have an idea in your head and can't find it on the Web we can help. Prototyping and small run manufacturing is what we love. you will find some of our best seller in the store but always contact us for custom work.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose us? Let me tell you why ! For Starter's we are a local owned company based in Winfield Ks, We love helping you with the odd an  unique projects. There's never a project to us that's impossible, or as we like to say we make the impossible "POSSIBLE". Helping you design an put together an idea is what we enjoy doing. Customizing your idea's and thinking out of the "BOX" is our Simplistic Mission!

Why choose our products you say?  Well its because we use American high quality carbon milled steel. We strive for on time deliveries on all orders no matter how big or small. Our goal is helping the success of your business. We strive for customer satisfaction an great customer service. We try to shop locally for materials as much as we can to help support our country an local businesses. Our Products are made from head to toe with our very own hands.That's what makes us different we make sure each product is hand made and manufactured.

Why shop with us? Its because we are the right stop for you. Shopping local makes a big difference in our community an it give's back to locals.

About Us

Reynolds, Family


We are a family of six, three boys and one girl. We have a passion for creating, imagining, and in visioning projects that we want to bring to life. We have created a business that's very involved around family Values. And what was just a weekend hobby turned into something greater. Something to where each an every family member has a part and there own responsibilities  in our business. To one day pass this down to our children would be our greatest legacy.